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Terms of Use Agreement!

1. Welcome to Heartyfriends.com. The services offered by Heartyfriends.com (“Heartyfriends.com site”) is inclusive the Heartyfriends.com website, Heartyfriends.com Blogs, Heartyfriends.com streaming music services and Heartyfriends.com photo sharing and any other features, content, or applications offered from time to time by Heartyfriends.com in connection with Heartyfriends.com website (collectively, the “Heartyfriends.com services.

2. This use Agreement (Agreement) incorporates the terms set forth herein which are binding in nature legally for the usage of the Heartyfriends.com services. The user of this Heartyfriends.com services agrees to be bound by this Agreement whether he or she be a “Visitor” (which term means that the user simply browse the user Heartyfriends.com site). Or the user be a “Member” (which term means the user has registered with Heartyfriends.com). The term “User” denotes a wider meaning referring a visitor or a member. The user shall be in agreement to abide by laws applicable to this Agreement before his use of the Heartyfriends.com services; nevertheless your attempt or use is intended.

3. To avoid embarrassment, red thoroughly the terms of Agreement before the use of this website and good to keep a copy on record. It is proper and better not to avail any of the Heartyfriends.com services of you are not on par with any of these terms and leave this site at once. Upon thorough reading of this Agreement if you decide to become a member, intimate your version of acceptance to register and process and make use of Heartyfriends.com services for communication with other members.

4. The use Agreement can notes Heartyfriends.com policies describing the acceptable use of Heartyfriends.com services and content stated on the Heartyfriends site by which your limitations regarding rights, obligations and restrictions for the use Heartyfriends services and Heartyfriends Privacy Policy are posted. It is notified further your participation in other Heartyfriends.com service would only by downloading the software content of additional terms and expressing the agreement of the same upon your chosen choice indeed the additional terms have been incorporated into this main Agreement.

5. Heartyfriends.com services is at liberty reserving its rights to modify its terms of this Agreement further changing the services annulling or modifying the content including the features of the website and change the structure of fees or collection in usage of services. All these modifications shall be posted on the website and becomes effective forthwith. You, being a “visitor” or member would bound by the changes and modifications for your use of Heartyfreinds.com services. It is always be been to review this Agreement at regular intervals for updation of modifications and changes if any, checking the latest “Revised Date” of this Agreement.;Revised Date” of this Agreement.

A) Eligibility:

1. You must be 18 ears of age or above for registration as member of Heartyfriends.com services and to use the site. Prohibited entry makes membership void. This site confers your right, capacity, eligibility to enter and concur with this Agreement accepting its all terms and conditions. Note this site is not a mean to inform or correspond to encourage and promote illicit sexual relations or extra marital affairs or to convey any other unlawful and illegal activities. It is just for friendship and something more. Heartyfriends finds comes to know of the above stated or any other misuse activities by any member, his or her membership will be terminated forth with without any reimbursement to the said member and any vested responsibility to the Heartyfriends.com services. This discretion and decision of the Heartyfriends.com services shall stand final.

2. This agreement retains its validity with its full vigour till your membership ceases. You hold the liberty to terminate your membership at any time but at the cost of no refund. Heartyfriends may also terminate your membership upon any reasons such as breach of terms and conditions. Notices of terminations on both sides imparts through e-mail.

3. Heartyfriends.com services reserves it’s right on site only member’s personal usage and shall not be lien or connectivity for any business or commercial activity with any firms, organizations and companies. Despite this the illegal and unauthorized usages and linkages it found, will be prosecuted through Court of law appropriately. An individual’s Heartyfriends.com account is strictly for their own personal usage and to be used by anyone else.


1. Every Member (You) irrevocably undertakes that: Member shall not engage in the acts of commercialization such as advertising or solicitation the other members to opt and buy any goods or avail of services. Transformation of any message or letters and email to other members is prohibited. Usage of any information delivered through services is strictly curfewed that not to harass, abuse or misuse and harm other persons. It is predominant to protect Heartyfriends.com services and its members and hence reserves its right to restrict the number of communications, profile contact and responses through e-mails which a member may send to other member in any 24 hours period. Heartyfriends.com reserves the right to view any messages sent by a member and also to regulate the chat session at its sole discretion.

2. Members have no right either to send or communicate using the services for any obscene, defamatory, hatred, racial, or abusive messages that are violative, irritative and criminal in nature. But such transmission or messages would give breach and entails the Heartyfriends.com services of terminate the membership forthwith. On this the Heartyfriends reserves the right of discretion or regulation and screening of your charts.

3. It is mandated that members shall not use any automated process which includes materials of scripts and programs that tend to communicate or interact with Heartyfriends.com services and its individuals. Members are prohibited from entering into any kind of transactions or business with other members of Heartyfriends.com services and if any transactions conducted solely at risk of particular individuals / members then Heartyfriends.com services is not responsible at any time for any transaction and cheats.

4. Usage of pornography on the site is strictly prohibited. Members must choose information with care before posing for usage. Moreover each profile should at any cost not include the objectionable subjects such as harassment, virulent violence, nude and obscene languages or postures if otherwise it warrants stringent penal actions invoking criminal law. Evidentially if any member purports or acts of indulgence in publishing or transforming in electronic media which abet people to corrupt practice, upon hearing and vision the subject embodied shall be proceeded legally enunciating the provisions under section 67 of information and Technology Act 2000 and also under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant statues. Ironically if any member contained profile of those offensive, violative, obscene, prohibited scenario and materials or products and services, the Heartyfriends.com services captures no responsibility and exonerates from any liability absolutely.

5. Members should not use Heartyfriends.com services for regenerating copy and patent right materials or store edit or change and create any inflow work in any way to alter the track already apportioned i.e. within the frame network of Heartyfriends.com services for other usage.er usage.


1. Heartyfriends.com services is vested with proprietory right inclusive of all intellectual property rights without any period of limitation. The site consists of patent and trade marks other than copy righted materials proprietory instruction and licensors. Without express permission by Heartyfriends.com services to communicate information, the member is not free to copy, modify, distribute, exhibit, transmit, vision, reverse convey or sell any of the Heartyfriends.com’s own information or subject.

2. All exhibits, lawful and non-objected materials or messages and other subject that ate posted on the boards of concern shall have and constitute valid license to Heartyfriends.com with discretion to grant permit to post or to alter and edit the display in its content at any event both upon complaint by anybody or suo motto action.

3. Every member are in conformity with knowledge and full agreement that all things of this site in subject wise not limiting to texts, data, information, scripts, music, photographs, lessons, graphics, video matters, messages, tags, interactive structures if posted either publicly or privately for transmission are under the absolute responsibility of the member who has originated such thing or things. This fact evidenced that such member alone is liable and responsible in its entirety and not Heartyfriends.com for his or her load, upload, post and e-mail transmission. Heartyfriends.com does not exercise the power of controlling authority on the things or contents screened through Heartyfriends.com if it holds no good stand to accuracy, integrity and stuff of things. Altogether if any member stands for the cause of offensive, indecent and objectionable exposure, Heartyfriends.com will not in any way held liable for any kind of error or omissions including loss and damage for the things or contents either posted or transmitted and available through e-mails. Be aware and accept that Heartyrfriends.com may in its own either judge or device to delete any things or content which violates the law of land causing illegal, defamatory, obscene, libel threatening or offending the safety to other members and further Heartyfriends.com is not duty bound to review the things or contents prior to post would not retract for any comments and opinions. More over Heartyfriends does not command any censorship on the site of stranger’s i.e. third party.

4. Every member holds the responsibility for the post of his thing or content that display or published in the Heartyfriends.com to its other members, wherein Heartyfriends.com upholds its authority to verify its veracity and sometimes seek clarification with proof or evidence for ownership. If the member fails to discharge the same, Heartyfriends.com in its sole authority vested with discrete would remove the content from the site and also terminate membership without any subscription refund. Members are put in knowledge that Heartyfriends.com may or may nor pre-screen the contents of its members and the planners of Heartyfriends.com have got full discretion or authority to pre-screen or remove any contents of its members. Moreover the planners shall have right to remove any content that violates the agreement. Members would not allude from any risk associated with use of any content and it is implied that members would not solely place any reliance on the contents or thing evolved or created by Heartyfriends.com in its service. Upon every members posting of their things or contents in the arena of Heartyfriends.com, each member acquires a permanent and irrevocable, royalty free and world wide license to use and performance of display and distribution of information and to create derivative works and to incorporate into other works with right of grant for release of further authorizations.

5. Every member consent to that are available in the site are prone to reproduce, modify, adapt publicly and display over the screen with zone and events of promotion including photo sharing. The due permission cum license exists so long as every member continue with his membership and wound automatically terminate upon its member’s thrust to remove from its source. In regard to contents association with photos, audio or video and graphics every member submit are publicly accessible for its own course in the field of distribution, reproduction, adaptation and display for the purpose for which such content was made available. This grant of permission in common parlance includes license exists so long as every member continue with his membership and wound automatically terminate upon its member’s thrust to remove from its source.

6. In regard to contents association with photos, audio or video and graphics every member submit are publicly accessible for its own course in the field of distribution, reproduction, adaptation and display for the purpose for which such content was made available. This grant of permission in common parlance includes license exists so long as every member select and elect to continue to include such content on the service and would be terminated at yours (member’s) instance or at the cause of Heartyfriends.com’s service of removal. The contents other than photographs, graphics audio or video are available for inclusion in publicly accessible areas permanently without any revocation even with further permission of sublicense in the field of distribution, modification translation and public performance with incorporation of such content into other works of developed nature of any format of Heartyfriends.com services network framed with Zones, Blogs and photo sharing that are termed as publicly accessible areas available to people i.e. general public for service orientation.

7. In furtherance of contents posted by every member in the site, each member would agree that he or she will not present any thing or material that is copy righted, circumscribed under trade secrecy, inscribed to third party proprietary rights inclusive of both private and public rights rather any member is the owner of such rights or have written grant or permission from their absolute rightful owner to post the material and to grant Heartyfriends.com with exclusive license rights. Exhibit or publish any false events or misrepresentations that damage any third person, Heartyfriends.com or its other members.

Impersonation in usage

1. Heartyfriends.com will not approve any things or contents of user with any opinion recommendation or advise expressed theron and Heartyfriends disclaims further and all liability in association with the contents above submitted. Heartyfriends.com would not allow any copy right infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on its website and Heartyfriends.com has the virtue of power to eradicate all such infringed items of content if correctly notified that one users submission infringes another’s intellectual property rights; and HEartyfriends.com is absolute to remove such infringed materials of content without prior notice or intimation. If the user is found to repeat the infringement, Heartyfriends.com will terminate his or her access to website. Te repeat infringer, signifies that a person who commits the act of infringement more than twice in the website. Heartyfriends.com services emanates the following list of illegal and prohibited contents on the site with command and authority to investigate and initiate appropriate legal action against any one who violates the provisions without any period of limitation, with power to terminate the membership forthwith without any refund. It includes content that:

2. Is extensively offending any community that promotes racism ligotry, hatred and physical harm to any individual or group of persons. Harasses or abets and pleads harassment of others. Entangled in the transmission of “junk mail” “Chain letters” or unsolicited mass mailing or spamming. In connection of film maker profiles, Use of sexually suggestive imagery or any other unfair misleading and deceptive content will pave a traffic to the profile. In connection of film maker profiles, Use of sexually suggestive imagery or any other unfair misleading and deceptive content will pave a traffic to the profile. Promotes information that member posting it is aware that it is false misleading deceptive, cheating, develops illegal activities and that of conduct is threatening, defamatory abusive, libelous and obscene; Develops an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person’s copy right work such as provision of pirated computer programs with links to them or with further provision of pirated music and its allied music files altogether with information to circumvent manufacture installed copy protect machineries; Consists of restricted or password only access pages, or hidden images with pages (those not linked to or from another accessible page); pornography, fraud, trafficking in obscene things enticing of minors, gambling, harassment stalking, sending of evils such as viruses stealing of trade techniques and infringement of both copy right and patent right.

3. Post of materials that exploits people under the age of 18 years in violent of sexual manner and collection of personal information of them in connivance. Instinct or encourage any criminal activity and enterprising instructional information to illegal activities such as make and purchase of illegal weapons violating other’s piracy under computer virus provision and its development. Posting and obscuring the banner advertisements on member’s personal profile page and other means of Heartyfriends.com

4. Attempt of impersonation to another individual or member. Coverage of passwords or personal identification information commercially to gain unlawfully from other members and users and, Take part in commercial activities includes sales such as contest, advertisements, pyramid schemes, sweepstakes and barter etc. Posting and displaying of any advertisement in his or her profile, or accepting payment from third person or party in exchange of performance of any commercial activity through Heartyfriends.com such as providing commercial content on the personal profile, posting blogs, or bulletins of commercial cause strictly. To connect profiles copying Heartyfriends.com code and embedding the same into to other profiles and scattering that same message of embedment to other members with respect to their profiles. Develops, invites or solicits extra marital information / affairs. Usage of Heartyfriends.com website in any manner inconsistent to all laws, regulations and rules. Members should use Heartyfriends.com services in accordance with local, state and national laws, regulations and rules. Members should not add or mention their, personal mobile or home or office telephone numbers, their addresses of residence or business with street names and e-mail addresses that are patently visible to other members which can be easily inferred. On creating individual accounts furnishing of accurate and complete information is absolute. Members must keep their password in a secured way and they alone are irresponsible for their activity in their respective accounts. Members should not create more profiles and if found in that manner. Heartyfriends.com is empowered to terminate his or her membership forthwith without subscription fees refund. Under any circumstance if Heartyfriends.com detects that any profile contains any objectionable, unlawful and illegal material contents, Heartyfriends.com holds the exclusive right and discretion the terminate their membership, without allowing anymore to continue as members forthwith without refund of subscription fees. Being considered for use of the site if the Heartyfriends.com service request for any information from you (member) and upon furnishing the same, if they are found incorrect or lacks accuracy and incomplete, services will terminate the use of the site for any of your (member) service.


1. Heartyfriends.com services will avail Technology to protect transmitted digital information, providing its limitations to its users. Acknowledgement of the same is indeed where development and modifications activity stepped further such as reinstallations of software with patches. Heartyfrineds.com may from time to time update security modification. If any member attempts to circumvent any system or network security components will invite prosecution and payment of damages.


1. Altogether each member retains his ownership individually for his contribution in the site and solely responsible for all kinds activity happening through their account. Heartyfrinds.com affirms it would not claim ownership of anyone’s content on distribution without any limitation keeping apart any suggestions or feedback. Members should not post any other member’s content until any prior consent is gathered. Members have got every right to agitate their grievance of infringement to this concern i.e. Heartyfriends.com copyright Agent with information as such as electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copy right interest, particulars of copy right work that has been claimed as infringed indicating the location in the site with full and current address of member stating expressing good faith and belief that the denoted dispute use has no authorization from the copy right owner, its agent, attorney or the law of the land and a copy of registration certificate proving its authenticity or any other concerned intellectual property right to award penalty or perjury describing information in his or his notice stating that agitation or claim is bonofide on behalf of the true copy right owner. All notice of claims could reach Heartyfrineds.com services Chennai address located under the May I Help / contact for Grievance section provided in the site. Members should agree not to circumvent or disrupt and disable in interfering into the securing related features since website declares its restricted use or copying any content enforcing reasonable limitations in its use.

2. All permitted contents that are licensed bear titleship with protection of intellectual property rights is the absolute property of the respective content owner with further are and caution under treaties and local admissible laws.


1. Members of Heartyfrineds.com can interact with one another with their own responsibility and Heartyfrineds.com services is under no obligation to monitor any disputes arised among members.


1. Use of this site or Heartyfriends.com service is Heartyfriends.com privacy policy. A design of “Privacy Policy” will play the role of governance of use of Heartyfriends.com services; which makes it clear that it holds no responsibility or liability for any posting of incorrect and inaccurate content on the site equipped by the users under associated programming in the online or offline.


1. Heartyfriends withers its responsibility for any mistakes, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or delay in its actions of operation transmission, coerced under theft or destruction and unauthorized pavements resulting in alterations of communications among members. More in Heartyfrineds.com confirms that it is not responsible for any problems arisen or technical malfunction including telephone network, lines computer on line systems, serves, computer equipment software, default in e-mail and players on account of technical fault or traffic congestion on internet and combination of whole problems including personal injury and property damage of content of any nature to users or other members or person’s computer related activity resulting in non participating either loading or downloading materials in connection with Heartyfriends.com services site and website. At any cost Heartyfriends.com will not be responsible for any loss and damage to any person on the use of any one’s contents posted in the site by its members. The exchange of materials through profiles among members and other will not pose any offer or recommendation from Heartyfriends.com and it holds no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage inclusive of injury and death caused to any individual out of relations in the contents of profile through Heartyfriends.com services. The gateway to the site and service are available under As Is Available basis and the Heartyfriends.com is immuned from any warranty of fitness or particular purpose of any infringement at any time and would no guarantee any result at ay time for its use of site. Heartyfriends.com services expressly declares that it vests no responsibility whatsoever and howsoever arisen out of yield and result on the use of posting in the site by the members, by any person in individual capacity. Heartyrfriends.com further will not assume responsibility for the illegal and false posting of content in the site to any one, including members and third parties. Any loss and damage caused to anybody under the usage of posting of content in the site, the claim of remedy and damages will be made on the members concerned or users strictly and not against the Heartyfriends.com services at any cost or moment and further claim may be made through or via the services. Absolutely the Heartyfriends.com does not claim any ownership of the content that are submitted in the site where provision of service alone vests and rests in Heartyfriends.com.


1. At any moment for any event, the Heartyfriends.com services, its Directors, Officers, Executives, employees or agents be liable with vested interest to its members or third parties for any indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary, special and punitive damages loss and damages caused or arisen as a result of usage or entering the access in the site by following means 1) error, mistakes and inaccuracies stored in the content. 2) Personal injury or property damage caused by access 3) unauthorized entry into the site resulted in leakage or propagation of personal including financial information stored therein causing loss and injury to members and users 4) Transmission of any bugs, virus Trojan horses through website by any third person. 5) Any errors or omissions in the content causing loss and damage for usage of them whether based on any warrant, tort or legal theory expressed by the member alone. Heartyfriends.com services is not advised to any possibility of such damages at any point of time. The period of limitation for claim is as imposed in law with right jurisdiction. Each member with awareness have endorsed that Heartyfriends.com services shall not be liable for posting of any defamatory or violative and offensive conduct in the site and foregoing completely rests or vests with its members / users alone. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained, Heartyfriends.com’s liability arisen to any member regardless to any form of action at all times limited to the amount paid by its member if any specifically stated or mentioned therein for possibility or liability. Hearthyfriends.com services or its official and Business Partners may offer and present advertisements and materials for promotion through site in its services. Members dealing with third parties with advertisements for promotion are separate not linked with Heartyfriends.com and presentation to that Every member is to understand and agree that Heartyfriends.com services will link to third parties sites exclusively not operated by us and held not responsible either directly or indirectly on the cause of loss occurred in connectivity or link in the usage of contents to third parties site. Heartyfriends.com services are fully owned or licensed by Heartyfriends and are not governed under the protection of Indian Copyright laws and International Treaty provisions. Members have no right to sublicense or to transfer the license granted in his or her favour under this Agreement. Any kind of attempt or application to transfer any rights, duties or obligations in violation of the provisions and consonance of this Agreement shall stand void. It is in conformity that every member have understand the terms and conditions and acknowledge the same in the true letter and spirit.


1. Heartyfriends.com and its members shall be bound by terms and conditions that all or any disputes arisen in connection with use of .com services in the website will be referred to Arbitration essentially to one i. Arbitrator nominated and appointed by Heartyfriends.com ii. The Arbitration shall in all purposes by governed under Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. a. Arbitrator nominated and appointed by Heartyfriends.com b. The Arbitration shall in all purposes by governed under Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. c. The place of hearing in Arbitration proceedings is at CHENNAI, India exclusive juris. d. The language in Arbitration proceedings shall be in English. e. The Arbitral award will be final and binding on both. f. The disputes will be governed by Indian Courts and the exclusive jurisdiction vests with courts at Chennai only.


1. By becoming a member of the site / Heartyfriends.com services, each member agrees to receive particular specific e-mails form Heartyfriends.com. Being accepted to use this site on the affirmation of becoming a member, the entire clauses of the agreement will survive between both. If any part of the Agreement lost its validity, the reminder will continue in full vigour. No clause or version of Agreement will express or constitute any partnership or a joint venture between any member and the Heartyfriends.com services. No member is the agent of Heartyfriends.com at any time and have no authority over the services to make liable for any purpose or deal. Members are under obligation to appraise and report of any misuse or abuse of the site. All notice of misuse and abuse should be addressed to customer care of the site. Upon such complaint, Heartyfriends.com will investigate the charge and if found proved against any member Heartyfriends.com will discharge the said member from membership of the user site without any refund of subscription fees as penalty. Members who lodge false complaint will face appropriate legal action including cancellation of membership without refund or repayment of any kind of fees such as subscription fees etc. Heartyfriends.com is a trade mark of Cashwin Consultancy. By joining our services i.e. Heartyfriends.com. You / Member confirms and affirms that they have read all above provisions of Agreement and endorses / agrees to abide by them.